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Auguste Dumouilla








Thèmes de recherche 

Auguste Dumouilla has a PhD in psychology. He is currently an affiliate researcher in the LaPEA (Laboratory of Applied Psychology and Ergonomics, – University of Paris, France). His main research topics are now: Serendipity – Vocational guidance – Soft-skills – Well-being – Training – Employability & NEETs. He also works as a psychology researcher for JobTeaser. JobTeaser’s mission is to accompany the new generation to reveal and fulfill themselves professionally all around Europe. Auguste Dumouilla also works as an independent researcher and trainer for practical specific missions.

He began his studies with a masters degree in science of physical activity. He started by designing sports training to fight sedentariness and improve health among populations with specific needs (e.g., autism). One day, in a library, he came across a book with a big « sedentarity » on the first page and happily checked it out. But inside, instead of physical exercise content, it was the story of a certain Horace Walpole… That was the start of the serendipity story  from this specific unexpected event until the end of his PhD, Auguste Dumouilla designed his research around serendipity and create training to foster the emergence of it.


Contrats de recherche

Projet RE-BOOST sur un FSE (fond social Européen) – 2016/2018



Dumouilla, A. (2018). Sérendipité, employabilité et bien-être. Etude d’une formation auprès de jeunes. Thèse soutenue à l’Université Paris Descartes.



Dumouilla et al. (Mars, 2019) Renforcer l’employabilité des NEETs, présentation d’une formation innovante. Communication réalisée au SWIPPA, Lausanne.

Dumouilla et al. (Juil, 2017) Cohort study: the effect of a pseudo-serendipitous competencies training on satisfaction with life and among young French NEETs. Poster présenté à l’IPPA, Montréal.

Dumouilla et al. (Mars, 2017) A construction of a pseudo-serendipitous competencies training and evaluation of its effects among young French NEETs. Communication au VET, Berne. -> Prix du Science Slam Award

Dumouilla et al. (Nov, 2016) Social representations of NEETS by active young French adults. Communication présentée à l’IAEVG, Madrid.

Dumouilla et al. (Juin, 2016) Creativity, emotion and wellbeing: a theoretical description of their relationships. Poster affiché à l’European Conference of Positive Psychology, Angers.

Dumouilla et al. (Mai, 2016) Créativité et sérendipité – Communication présentée à la journée d’étude Regards théoriques et pratiques sur la créativité, EHESS, Paris.


Diffusion de la recherche

Thesis link (in french) : https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-02063956/document



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  • DIF 1
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